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About Us

This company has taken a special approach when supercars are in order. Considering that supercars are a real prestige in the world and only lucky one have an opportunity to drive it, our company provides a special type of services.

We work with the world’s best suppliers and have one of the largest databases of clients. Our company was founded 20 years ago, and we have one of the best mechanics available in the car industry. During a long working history, we have supplied hundreds of cars to diverse clients across Asia, Europe, and Australia.


Advisory Help

We have many customers coming to us in search of advisory help. Considering we have a long – lasting experience in car sales and repairs, our mechanics and engineers can provide you the best possible help. Many people come to us because they can’t decide which car to bu. They want to find about their performances how do they behave on the field and are they comfortable for the ride? We have test runs for each car. Also future cars have the opportunity to try each car before they decide of one. With our help, you will bring the right decision.

Supercar Service And Maintenance

 Our company has invested a lot of money in the latest software and diagnostics, which can detect the malfunctions quickly. We have employed fully certified and trained mechanics for Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Bentley, Aston Martin and many others. With special techniques and tools, we have everything necessary to repair your car. Also, we provide a special type of services for owners who have the most exotic and rare vehicles in their possession. Our mission is to provide you all the necessary support. We strongly believe that no matter what type of car you have, we will give you full service and engine rebuild, with paying extra attention to details.

Supercar Sales

Our company provides you wide range of services which helps you achieve your ultimate dream, to own a supercar. In our showroom, you can find one of the finest collection of supercars. Clients have the opportunity to choose a car from our showroom, or you can trust our services and experience, and we will find you a specific car from our worldwide suppliers. Before the delivery, all cars go through a special checking system which will protect you from any damage and accidents. All our cars are insured, and all cars have 12 months’ warranty period. In this way, our customers are fully protected.


Why should you rent a car?

Renting a car has a lot of advantages especially if you are far away from home. You get to avoid public transportation and taxies. Apart from this, you get to choose a specific model, even more, expensive one. Especially when you don’t have an opportunity to drive that type of car in everyday life.

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  • Nick M.

    Nick M.

    This is one of the best companies I have ever encountered. Great service and very skilled mechanics have managed to solve all my problems. I had engine problems with one of my Ferrari models from Ferrari Car Hire, they have managed to fix everything in just one week. I would recommend this company to everyone.

  • Jason S

    Jason S

    Great company and excellent service. They have a very pleasant and welcoming personnel which will provide you the best assistance. I bought a car with them, and I’ve been riding it for a year now. We have a company called Cancellations Driving Test that helps people to pass their driving tests, we even let them drive the supercar if they get insurance! I didn’t have any problems, and they have provided me annual service and checkups.


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